FOUND: Roaming Dog: Melanson Rd, Wolfville, NS – Cocker Spaniel Mix, light tan in colour, no collar


UPDATE: 1/15/12 – Here is an actual photo of the found Cocker Spaniel. From Animal Services: ” She appears to have some soft tissue damage to a hind leg, but otherwise is well. I’m keeping an eye on signs of infection, but I suspect she should mend up well.”

UPDATE: 1/14/12 – “I’m sending you a picture that looks more like the dog we found (although still just a “stock photo”).I just spoke with the dog control officer and she’s doing well, hobbling on one leg. He thinks she’s about 8 months old, and she’s quite chubby. They keep her a short while, and then she goes to the spca for possible adoption.”

***STOCK PHOTO*** Not actual dog:  A small dog was just hit in front of our home on Melanson Road, just outside of Wolfville. It is light tan in colour, perhaps a cocker spaniel mix. It has no collar. An animal control officer has just taken it to the kennel, maybe to the vet if necessary. If you have any information on this dog please call Animal Services in Wolfville: 679-8045, or King’s County: 678-3647.  

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