HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Beige American Cocker Spaniel/West End Halifax

Happy Ending: Cokie Home Safe n’ Sound

Cokie_April_2011 Click on Link for picture of Cokie.

·         Location:  West end Halifax, off Mumford – Ralston Avenue
·         No collar (has chip)
·         American Cocker Spaniel
·         Markings: Buff or beige colour no special markings except she has a long wavy coat (“feathers”)
·         Female spayed
·         Age almost eleven
·         Very friendly
·         Epileptic and needs medication

I don’t know how to post to your wall but my contact info is:

I have posters on some of the trees/poles in the neighbourhood.  Just had a call to confirm a neighbour saw her heading up Abbott towards Joseph Howe around 10:30 last night.

Will canvass the neighbourhood shortly but please call my cell.

Thank you,