Roaming Dog/Lost Chicken:West Pennant

Received this distressing email:

I have a small flock of 4 hens and was saddened to find a dark lab type dog (solid colour but sort of blackish greyish (blue?) hue) with a red collar walking down the driveway with something dead and white in it’s mouth.  I checked the coop to find only one hen (they had been free ranging), 2 hours later 2 others came out from hiding spots.  One white leghorn still missing.  She could just be hiding and the dog might’ve had some other white animal like a rabbit or weasel – but it is sad to think a roaming dog ruined my day in such a way.  I don’t want anything bad to happen to the dog, I just want it to stop roaming.  Some neighbours said they saw the same dog on their step a few days ago taunting their dog.  Sad times, bad owners.  Maybe the dog was lost and hungry, who knows.  The remaining 3 hens are quite shaken up and will probably not lay for several weeks.  There are also many coyote snares and coyotes out here and the dog is in danger if he/she is roaming.

Our missing hen’s name is Chips, age 1 and a half.  All white, large red comb, yellowish white legs.