HAPPY ENDING: Re-homed Safe n' Sound: Found:Young Adult Male German Shepherd/HRM

HAPPY ENDING: Re-homed Safe n' Sound: Found: German Shepherd/Lab, male - Chocolate Lake, HRM

GREAT NEWS…. This guy has landed a new forever home!  It’s been weeks and not a soul has called looking for him and these wonderful people who saved him did all the right things to try and find the owners.  So, he has been lucky enough to be re-homed.  Thanks to everyone… the people who saved him, and all those that spread the word.

CALLED and this dog has not found its owners yet.. please spread the word. Animal Services have been contacted, local vets, etc. There was no chip to read. The finder is willing to foster the dog for now. We are hoping to have a picture later today. (Sunday March 21, 2011)

“I found a young adult male GermanShepherd/Lab MIX wondering the neighbourhood in HRM Armdale/Chocolate Lake area”