RESOLVED:REHOMED:FOUND ROAMING:Black Dog in River Ryan/New Waterford Area

REHOMED: Email from person who took the dog in:

“Hi Heather,

I have found a loving home for this little guy.  I live in a rural area, on a dirt road but many of the homes are large and have a lot of land, it is becoming more and more a dumping area for pets.  People are driving in and dropping off their animals, knowing that someone in the subdivision will take them in and care for them.  The vet has also agreed with this.  So, I went ahead and found the little a guy a great home with a loving family.  Thank you for your help – and concern over the pup.


Black Dog in River Ryan/New Waterford Area
White on chest and paws
Vet said he was about 6 or 8 months old.
Has ear infection that we treated, as well as new shots.
SPCA has been contacted.