HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Sighted: Roaming Dogs: Timberlea, Halifax Co., NS — White Shepherd/Husky mix and Lhasa Apso/Bully Breed mix, Sex Unknown, Both Adults — “Unknown”


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! Yeah!! From a friend of these two Adventurers: “These are my neighbours dogs. He found them shortly after that, he was in the area searching. Both are home safe!” Fantastic news. Thank you for the update, it was greatly appreciated. Thank you to the witness for sharing her sighting. Thank you to all who cared and shared their info. YIPPEE!

Breed or Mix: White Shepherd/Husky mix and Lhasa Apso/Bully Breed mix

Sex: Sex Unknown, Age: Both Adults

Collar/Tags: No collar/tags

Sighted on: 08/29/2018

Area:  Timberlea, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: These two dogs were reported on a local facebook page as being sighted roaming. They were last seen going onto the BLT Trail System. If you have any information about these dogs being back home, or have had another sighting, please let us know. We are concerned for the health of the second, smaller dog as it looks like it might be suffering with a skin condition, but it may just be the photo. Thank you.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact: HRM Animal Control Services by dialing 311


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Sighted: Roaming Dog: Hwy 104, Exit 36, Heatherton, Antigonish, NS – White Shepherd/Husky, Female, Adult – “Unknown”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Wow!!! It has been confirmed, thanks so much to Carol A., that this dog is actually alive and home safe.  There is however, a small (~25lb) white dog that has passed away on Hwy 104.  We do not know the owners of this dog and will keep this info incase we hear any more.  Meanwhile, the dog in this photo (~100+lbs) is alive and well on his Cattle Farm outside Antigonish.  This dog was used to having 600 acres to himself when a hunter this fall left food around. This is when he started roaming. Meanwhile his owner has just neutered him hoping that helps in cutting down on his wanderings.  He was shocked to hear that he was on the highway and will be keeping his dog contained in the future. So conclusion: TWO White Dogs, one small one was hit by a car and killed on Hwy 104, the other large one was seen roaming the highway for the last few weeks and is now home safe. Thank you Carol A. for putting together all the pieces.  (11.8.13 – 12.4.13)


UPDATE: (11.4.13) As it turns out, this is not true:RAINBOW BRIDGE: Passed Away: It has been confirmed by Animal Control that this beautiful dog was hit and killed by a car on the highway today. I want to thank all those that did their best to help this dog and went above and beyond for a dog with no name. Thank you Carol and Pam and all that shared this dogs info. (11.8.13 – 12.2.13)

Breed: White Shepherd/Husky Mix (?)

Sex: Female (?)  Age: Adult

Collar/Tags:  Collar

Sighted on: Nov 8, 11, 15, 2013 (various people)

Area:  Hwy 104, Exit 36, Heatherton, Antigonish, NS

Additional Info:  I saw him yesterday (November 15) and pulled over but he/she was very timid and I had no luck approaching him. Animal control were unable to find him after I called. Please keep an eye open for him/her… Approx. 50-60 pounds, all white… Looks like a white shepherd or lab mix… The same dog was spotted by someone else on November 8th and November 11th (antigonish spca Facebook page) so he/she has been roaming for a whole week!

Contact Info:  …