HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Found: Roaming Dogs: Glen Moir, Bedford, Halifax Co., NS — 2 Miniature Poodle Mixes, Males, One Senior/One Adult — “Unknown”


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! Yeah!! We thank all that cared and shared. We thank the finder for keeping ‘Buddy and Biscuit’ safe until they could be reunited with their owner. Good job! (5.30.19 – 5.30.19)

Breed or Mix: 2 Miniature Poodle Mixes

Sex: Males, Age: Black Collar: Senior and Red Collar: Adult

Collar/Tags: Black Collar/Not tags and Red Collar/No Tags/”Buddy” on collar/Trailing a Leash

Found on: 05/30/2019

Area: Bedford, Halifax, NS

Additional Notes: These two adventurers were found this afternoon (2:30 pm 5.30.19) in Glen Moir, Bedford. They are both males, one is a senior (Black Collar) and the other is an adult (Red collar/trailing leash/Buddy on collar/no tags) both are very friendly.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Portland Hills, Dartmouth, Halifax Co., NS — Miniature Poodle mix, Female, Adult — “Kenzie”


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound!! Yeah!! From her very happy family: “We got her!!!!” Haha… Fantastic news. Turns out it was time to give Grampa some lovin’, as Kenzie ran right into his arms. Good Girl Kenzie! Thank you to the community for helping out and caring so deeply. Thank you to all who cared and shared her info… YIPPEE!!! (4.8.17 – 4.13.17)

Breed or Mix: Miniature Poodle mix

Sex: Female, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: No collar

Lost on: 04/08/2017

Area: Portland Hills, Dartmouth, NS

Additional Notes: I am dogsitting for a friend. Kenzie is a small, adult poodle mix, black in colour and between 15-20 pounds. There were sightings in the Portland Estates/Hills community. If you have any information, please contact immediately. Very Skittish: Do Not Chase: Do not call, whistle or clap… report sightings immediately, thank you.

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Found: Roaming Dog: Highway 105 (Trans Canada), Bucklaw, Victoria Co., NS — Miniature Poodle Mix, Female, Adult — “Unknown”



HAPPY ENDING: Home,  Safe n’ Sound!! Yippee!! Thanks to folks piecing the puzzle together, this sweetheart got back home safely. And thanks to the folks that found her, the ones that kept her safe and those that shared. Working together, this dog is safe and home. Yeah!! (9.5.14 – 9.6.14)

Breed or Mix: Miniature Poodle Mix

Sex: Female, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: Red Collar

Lost on: 09/05/2014

Area: Highway 105 Trans Canada, Bucklaw, Victoria, NS

Additional Notes: This poor little thing was found wandering along the Trans Canada in Bucklaw (near Little Narrows) today. Someone driving by picked her up and took her to us as we were the closest house hoping she was ours but we’ve never seen her before. Seems like a very pleasant dog and has a red collar and appears to have a fresh hair cut. If she is yours or you know her please get in touch so she can be reunited with her family. We have check checked at the little narrows ferry, co-op and gas stations at reserves.
She is very pleasant dog, a few barks when startled but did’n t bark at people when they came in. Had a good bath and was pretty easy going 🙂

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HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: South Street, Truro, Colchester Co., NS — Miniature Poodle Mix, Male, 10 months — “Fergus”



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! Yeah!! From the Owner: “Fergus is home from the vet. The vet thinks he will feel better in a couple of days, its a gastrointestnal problem. But the pain he was in, probably accounted for why he hid himself (basement cupboard for 24 hours) and did not make any noises to alert to where he was. Hasn’t moved an inch since he came home, curled up with me. Thanks again to everybody.” (5.21.13 – 5.22.13)

Breed or Mix: Miniature Poodle mix

Sex: Male, Age: 10 months

Collar/Tags: Collar with tags

Lost on: 05/21/2013

Area: South street, Truro, Nova Scotia, NS

Additional Notes: My mom’s dog Fergus is lost. Very friendly mini poodle, black with tan markings. Got loose from his yard at 3:30pm. Might have wandered to Victoria park. Loves people, so he might run right up to strangers.

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