LOST DOGS: 188 Southwest Cove Rd, Southwest Cove, Lunenberg Co., NS — Little Bear: Lab/Husky mix, Female, 7 Months & Roberto: Maltese/Havanese mix, Male, 5 Yrs — “Little Bear & Roberto”

Little Bear & Roberto

REWARD OFFERED: PLEASE! If you know of there where abouts, contact me ASAP. I have a offering to give whoever helps find them, some Pinons (Pine Nuts – fresh and with shell * Normally cant buy fresh or unshelled)… Which I harvested in Nevada Desert and a set of wax candles made at skills gathering! And! Little buckskin pouch of leather I tanned myself. Please get our lovelies back to my family before Christmas. (12.11.17)


NOTE: Update: Little Bear was originally posted with her sister, Timbit. Timbit has been found and is safe at home. Yeah!!!

Breed or Mix: Little Bear: Lab/Husky mix, and Roberto: Maltese/Havanese mix

Sex: Little Bear: Female & Roberto: Male, Age: Little Bear: 7 Months & Roberto: 5 Yrs

Collar/Tags: Little Bear: No collar and Roberto: Blue collar with our phone number on it

Lost on: Little Bear: 11.25.17  and Roberto: 12/10/2017

Area: 188 Southwest Cove Rd, Southwest Cove, Lunenberg, NS

Additional Notes: Little Bear is an extremely sweet puppy, who loves to cuddle. They are very dear to me, so if you have any information please let me know. Roberto is very very very sweet, he is a forever puppy. He just has that look, and personality. I am very very disappointed that no one has contacted me, because he does have a collar on with our phone number. If you see or hear anything about him please let me know. He is very dear to our family.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact: Lillian at 902-579-9185 or Bob at 902-221-5647


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Hubbards, Lunenburg Co., NS — Maltese/Havanese mix, Male, 4 years — “Roberto”




HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! Yeah!! From his very happy Family: “FOUND!!!!!!Thank you so much for who shared and posted . I ever thought I would see him again. THANK YOU so much !!!!!!!!” Thanks to all who cared and shared Roberto’s info… YIPPEE!!! (5.20.16 – 5.22.16)

Breed or Mix: Maltese/Havanese mix

Sex: Male, Age: 4 years

Collar/Tags: Collar has different colour circles

Lost on: 05/20/2016

Area: Hubbards, Lunenburg Co., NS

Additional Notes: Very sweet dog loves people and other animals. Very easy to handle. He is a haired dog. Floppie ears. Curled tail. White with light colour gray ears .

Please Contact: …