HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Sighted: Roaming Dog: Ellershouse, Hants Co., NS — Irish Wolfhound, Male, Adult — “Unknown”


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! At least we hope so…this dog has been identified as a ‘local’ dog who is allowed to roam…sigh! Thank you to all who cared and shared his info, here’s hoping he stays safe. Thank you. (3.23.18 – 3.23.18)

Breed or Mix: Irish Wolfhound

Sex: Male, Age: Adult

Collar/Tags: None

Sighted on: 03/23/2018

Area: Ellershouse, Hants, NS

Additional Notes: This gentle giant was sighted roaming at the top of Ellershouse Rd this evening, it was being very cautious/scared. Please share his info so he gets home safely, thank you.

Please Contact: Please cross post and if you have any information contact: Hants County Animal Control; Ryan Parker at 902-798-8391 or Quinn Church at 902-798-6940



HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dogs: RR4 Baddeck, Victoria Co., NS — Thanatos: Chocolate Yorkie, Male, 7 yrs|Erah: Chocolate/White Yorkie, Female, 2 yrs|Baphomet: Irish Wolfhound, Male, 5 yrs| Nickela: Irish Wolfhound, Female (?), 16 weeks — “Erah, Thanatos, Baphomet and Nickela”


Erah, Thanatos, Baphomet and Nickela

HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound! Yeah!! From their happy family: “Our dogs came home early this morning.  Safe and sound!  We are so relieved. Thank you for offering this service!” Thank you to all who cared and shared their info…YIPPEE!! (5.25.16 – 5.27.16)


NOTE: At this time photos were not available. So photos were gathered from the owners website, although we don’t necessarily know if the names are with the right dogs, other than Thanatos, the male Chocolate Yorkie. But the dogs look very much like the dogs in the photos and if sighted the owner should be contacted immediately. Thank you.

Breed or Mix: 2 Yorkies and 2 Irish Wolfhounds

Sex: Thanatos:Male, Erah: Female, Baphomet: Male and Nickela: Female (?), Age: Thanatos: 7 yrs, Erah: 2 yrs, Baphomet: 5 yrs and Nickela: 16 wks

Collar/Tags: None

Lost on: 05/25/2016

Area:  RR4 Baddeck, Victoria, NS

Additional Notes: Our female brown and white Yorkie (Erah?) escaped and has gone roaming. Our brown Yorkie  (Thanatos) and our grey Irish Wolfhound are following her (Baphomet?), along with a young Wolfhound (Nickela?). The pack are roaming in the North River Bridge area since Wednesday May 25 evening. They are all very friendly toward people, but may be dog aggressive at this time. Report sightings immediately. Thank you.

Please Contact: …


HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n’ Sound: Lost Dog: Milford Road, Milford Station, East Hants Co., NS — Border Collie/Irish Wolf Hound/Terrier, Male, 4 years — “Archie”



HAPPY ENDING: Home; Safe n’ Sound! Yip Yipee!  – Love the ‘fast founds’. “I just got a call from our local vet hospital someone found him and brought him there. Thanks for your help …five minutes after the ad on your post was up the vet called. I am really appreciative of your help.” We thank all that shared and thank the person who found Archie and took him to the Vets. (5.14.13 -5.15.13)

Breed or Mix: Border collie/Irish wolf hound/terrier

Sex: Male, Age: 4 years

Collar/Tags: Wearing tags with wrong address

Lost on: 05/14/2013

Area: Milford Road, Milford Station, East Hants, NS

Additional Notes: Pretty shaggy hair, very friendly, was lost when his owner let him out to go to work.

Please Contact: …