How to make an EFFECTIVE poster:


Neon Bristol Board:

Available at most drugstores, Dollar Stores, Art Supply Stores and Big Box Stores (1 Sheet makes 2 Signs). This will immediately grab the attention of anyone driving by the area. Neon colours are significantly more effective than just ‘bright’ colours.

Black Marker/Paint:

Use a marker, preferable flat tipped to write LOST at the top of your sign and DOG at the bottom in bold block lettering, or you can use a marker or paint with a larger stencil.

Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint:

Use black spray paint in a can or you can buy jars of black acrylic paint in the arts and crafts section of most big box stores to stencil LOST DOG on your neon Bristol board.

Spray, Marker, Roller, Stipple or Foam Brush with Stencils:

Use a stencil to make large, clear letters that can be read from a car. Use a marker to fill them in or paint them by spraying, rolling or using a stippling or foam brush. We’ve found spraying effective and fast if you have an outdoor space to use it or a small roller with acrylic paint is quick as well. A foam makeup applicator sponge will work too… lots of room to be creative, you just need large, bold, block letters that can be read from a distance.

Plastic Page Protector Sheets:

Page protectors will be used to cover the two letter-size sheets that will make up the middle of your poster. One will have a clear full shot colour (if possible) photo of your dog and the other will be a printed offlist, in large bold lettering, of 5 or 6 main points you want people to know: Breed/s, Short Description (ie. Small Shaggy White Terrier), Dog’s Name, “Report Sightings”, Phone Number (Cell phone is best) for example. Remember to use these sheet protectors upside down with the opening at the bottom so no rain isn’t collected inside.

Blank Corrugated Plastic Board:

Often seen used as advertising during elections or pushed into lawns by advertisers, this is a waterproof board that can help support your Bristol board sign and keep it from folding in the wind. You could ask local businesses or politicians if they have any old signs that they would give you or it is easily available at local hardware stores. You may be able to get this with the wire legs that stick into the ground, however, most of our signs are attached to lamp posts.

Clear Packing Tape:

Use clear packing tape to attach the page protectors to the Bristol board. You can also use this to attach to the Bristol board to a supportive backing so it doesn’t fold up in the wind. We’ve even used it to provide a bit of protection against the weather by taping across the Lost Dog stencilling going from the bottom up so the seams are along the bottom strip (again protection from rain/snow). It may give you a few extra days in bad weather.

Staple Gun or Duct Tape:

These are used to put up the poster on lampposts using along busier streets in both directions or at the nearest larger intersections. Don’t be shy, these need to be visible by drivers and if it’s at a stop sign or light, it gives the driver even more time to read all the info.

Thanks to Kat Albrecht and