Cumberland County

Listed below is all the necessary contact information for your county. Please contact Animal Services, the SPCA, shelters and all other locations listed that surround the area where the dog was lost, found or sighted. Community web pages, like Radio Stations’ Facebook pages, are another effective way to share the dog’s info. Don’t forget neighbouring counties as well.  The more people that know, the more quickly a dog will get home.

Useful Websites:

Remember to First Call:

  • Cumberland County Animal Services:  902 667-2313 to report a lost/found/sighted dog.
  • Amherst Town Police Department:  902 667 8600 to report a lost/found/sighted dog.
  • Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter: 902-661-7297 to report a lost/found/sighted dog.
  • Vets in or around your area.

Vet Clinics

  • Amherst Veterinary Hospital – 311 Willow Street, Amherst, NS – 902-667-8405
  • Northumberland Veterinary Services – 11072 Route 6, Pugwash, NS — 902-243-3999.
  • Dr. Jillian Foster – Amherst, NS – 902-661-2090
  • Tidal Veterinary Services – 1201 Whitehall Rd, Parrsboro, NS – 902-254-3580

Radio Stations






Community Pages