HAPPY ENDING: Home, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dogs: Wedgeport, Yarmouth Co., NS – "Duchess": Beagle, Blue Tic, ~6 yrs old, black collar & bell & "Judy": Beagle, Duchess's daughter, ~3 yrs old, pink collar

HAPPY ENDING: Duchess and Judy are home, safe and sound!! They were found 4 miles away from home, skinnier but doing fine. Bonnie says “Thank you so much again for all your help, and I am truly excited to have my “girls” home.” We are so happy for the family! (1/7/12 – 1/12/12)

Duchess is a blue tic and beagle, she is about 6 years old, last seen in Wedgeport, Yarmouth County, NS on Saturday, Jan 7.  She is wearing a black collar with a bell.  Enclosed is her picture.
Judy is about 3 years old and she is Duchess’s pup.  She is wearing a pink collar also with a bell and my husband’s name and number on it…  Also she was last seen at the same time in the same area.