SIGHTING: Roaming Dogs: Hwy 104, East of Mt Thom, (Near Hwy Sign "136 km 104 East"), Pictou Co., NS – Shepherd or Husky Mix & Fluffy Older Dog (same size)

SIGHTED: Two Roaming Dogs: “We were cruising east along Highway 104, just passed Mount Thom, when around a curve, on the road, were two medium sized dogs. They were in the middle of the road! Fortunately, it was two lanes and we were able to brake enough and get around them in the outside lane. I beeped and tried to scare them off the road. We stopped the car (but had to go quite a bit beyond to stop safely on the shoulder. I backed up to see if we could see them, but they’d gone into the woods.

Here is what I can tell you from this fleeting encounter; bear in mind it was fairly dark–this happened at 5:00 p.m.):
One looked to me like a german shepherd (my husband and daughter thought maybe a husky, but ears standing straight up, and I hold by the idea that it was a shepherd or shepherd mix. That said, if someone in that area is missing a husky, it’s likely theirs!). The other dog was a similar size, but had long hair. It was either an older, obese dog, or a very fluffy dog that wasn’t moving very quickly. 
Again, it was just east of Mount Thom. There was a highway sign that said “136 KM  104 East”
My husband said it was 20 kms before (west of) Exit 20.
I hope this helps….”
Please call Animal Services; Stellarton: 752-6160, Pictou: 485-8640, Pictou SPCA: 396-3595, and New Glasgow Police: 755-8353 if sighted.