SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Anthony Ave, Ellsworth Estates Subdivision, Centreville, Kings Co., NS – Poodle/Terrier Mix, male, grey/beige, ~15lbs, groomed (shaggy head), black collar

***NOT ACTUAL DOG*** Stock Photo

Sighting: Centreville/Ellsworth Estates subdivision, Anthony Ave/Kings Co. MALE: Poodle/terrier mix (?),grey/beige approx. 15-20 lbs, groomed (shaggy head, body clipped moderately short) wearing a thin black collar no tags. Dog was along the road at 4 pm. would not allow the sighter to approach. Let’s hope this dog is not lost but please call Animal Services@ 678-3647 if you happen to see this dog. Thanks to Vincent for caring enough to try to help this frightened dog.