HAPPY ENDINGS: Adopted or in Foster Homes, Safe n' Sound: Lost Dogs: Roaming Dogs: SEVEN BEAGLES: Male/Female, healthy, adult dogs, no collars – Woodville/Greenfield Area, Hants Co., NS

***NOT ACTUAL PHOTO*** Example of Breed Only

HAPPY ENDINGS: Thanks so much to ATLANTIC SMALL DOG RESCUE (http://www.asdrescue.com/)who stepped up to the plate to help these dogs, the kind folks who took them in, and to all of that community.  These dogs have been Adopted, and/or placed in Foster Homes.  The wonderful family who took these dogs in are keeping the pregnant females until their babies are born and all are adopted out. Incredible!! Also a big thank you goes to the Brooklyn Groomer who has given these dogs a fresh start!  I’m so glad that there was a group of people in that community/municipality that would do the right thing.  Let’s hope more questions are answered in the future.  Congratulations to all who did the best by these dogs.  Fantastic!! Updated Dec 21/11

Found: 7 Beagles in the Woodville/Greenfield area of Hants county. They are obviously hunting dogs. Right now they are being kept and fed, but need the owners to turn up ASAP.   ***NOT ACTUAL PHOTO*** Example of Breed Only