FOUND: Roaming Dog: Beagle: male, collar, shy, adult – 1 km from Birchtown Junction on Gunning Cove Rd, Shelburne Co., NS

***NOT ACTUAL DOG*** Sample breed photo

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UPDATED: Nov 24/11 This little fella has been caught thanks to all the efforts of the locals who stepped up and took action for this dogs safety.  Now I wonder if there any owners out there looking for him.

There is a little beagle running loose on the Gunning Cove road, about 1 km from the Birchtown Junction.  Apparently local residents have seen him there for 2 or 3 days, but nobody has been able to catch him.  He is not a puppy and is wearing a collar.  Please contact Animal Services if you have any information on this pooch: Darrel Locke 875-6773