SIGHTED: Roaming Dog: Black Shaggy Dog, partial blue leash attached – Granton Rd, Alma, NS

NOT ACTUAL DOG: Example of Black Shaggy Dog!

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There has been a black shaggy dog in the granton road, alma area running free for the last few days. It seems to have a chunk of blue leash?? attached to him. Very skittish…tried to call him/her near and they took off….this area is high traffic…if someone is missing him/her please come soon!!!  Please contact us at with any information.

Update: Oct 15/11

Could this be the same dog?? Though, nothing is mentioned about it being shaggy… hmm… (AnnM)

SIGHTING: 11 Grono Road/ Dutch Settlement Roaming Black Lab, appears to be wearing a chain collar. Spotter tried to coax the dog to her but he continued up the back yards on Grono Road. If you know of anyone missing a dog in the Dutch Settlement/Musquodoboit Valley please advise them of this sighting or call Animal Services at 490-4000. Last seen at apprx. 3:45pm Sat. Oct.15/11 (JanetC)