LOST DOG: Jasper: Bichon Frise: male, white, ~10 lbs, skittish – Dyke Road by Spruce Drive, Eastern Passage, NS


LOST DOG: Jasper: Bichon Frise, male, 10 months old - Dyke Rd, Eastern Passage, NS

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LOST DOG: A family has lost their dog, along the Dyke Road by Spruce Drive area in Eastern Passage….it’s a white Bichon named Jasper, male. The pup weight is about 10lbs…if found please call 465-6188……

UPDATE: Oct 6, 2011 – Last Sighted near 76 Dyke Rd, Eastern Passage, NS.  Also, we have updated this post with an actual photo of little Jasper… what a cutie!!