HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Sasha: Rottweiler, female, senior – Edmund Rd, Enfield, NS

LOST DOG: Sasha: Rottweiler, female, senior - Edmund Rd, Enfield, NS

Happy Ending: From the owner: “Sasha is home Safe and Sound!!! Got a call while searching the last sighting area…..she was in the next subdivision over. The young man started to drive her around looking for her owner and spotted her picture on the community mailbox. I was able to be there in 3 minutes. Thanks to everyone, especially Janet C. for everything you do out of the goodness of your heart.”

Thank you everyone for helping and sharing this story.


LOST: ENFIELD / went missing at noon – DOG is a senior 12 year old female Rottweiler – Name is SASHA .. she has been reported as being picked up by a concerned person on the 102 – does anyone know who this person is that wanted to keep her safe? Please cross post.

UPDATE: re: SASHA the Senior Rotti missing from Enfield. Seems the person that picked her up – then let her go around River Bend Court off Halls Road. Sasha was spotted but when the sighter went to get a rope she was missing …. PLEASE keep an eye out for her in this area.