HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Lost Dog: Cookie: Cockapoo, female, blonde – Baseball Field, Logan St., Truro

LOST DOG: Cookie: Cockapoo, female, blonde - Baseball Field, Logan St., Truro

HAPPY ENDING!! Home safe n’ Sound – From the owner:

Yes thank you guys sooooo much for all your help!!!! we had 2 reported sightings last night about 5ish, both saying they saw Cookie one at 1pm behind margolians and another at 2pm by subway on elm st. and we were told she was heading towards the west end of truro (robie st. or smith ave.) so Mary Anne went out and helped us look in that area (thanks sooooooo much again!!!!) and me and mom drove to the golf course, and tacc grounds but nobody saw her, so we dorve down ford st, and a few other back roads then went back to the dog park, and i got a phone call saying they had cookie in the kitchen and i could come to make sure it was her, so we went to hayward ave. and they met us outside, as soon as Cookie saw our van she jumped up and down and i called her name and the man holding her could hardly hang on, so i got out and he just had to let go! 🙂 she was found on Cresant ave. that afternoon and the man tyed her on a long rope gave her a bed and food and water and lots of attention. than he walked around asking ppl and a couple said that i lost my dog so they contacted me about 5ish!!!


LOST DOG: Truro, Baseball Field – Logan St. Cockapoo named Cookie – she is 4 years old and was wearing a purple collar & leash and red flowers around her neck. She may be trying to find her way to Moore St. If you have any info on this missing dog, please phone Kandice at