HAPPY ENDING: Never the Pup is Home Safe n' Sound!!: Lost Dog: Never: Bulldog, 4 Month Old Puppy, Brindle with White – Bruhm Road, Branch LaHave, NS

June 13/11 – HAPPY ENDING – HOME SAFE N’ SOUND!!! We are so excited for this little girl… after 30 days in the woods, she was safely live trapped and is back home in her families arms.  They truly believe it is a miracle and I’m not sure they’re not wrong.  Incredible! Wonderful! Yippee!!!  Thank you to everyone that helped by sharing the info and sent out such kind thoughts.  Awesome!!

This is an UPDATE on Never received today, May 26th, 2011:

“Never, whos been missing since May 13, was sighted on May 25 late afternoon in Upper Branch on the Wagner Road. All of my family has been searching the past day and a half for Never but there haven’t been any signs. Never was reported to be very scared and thin. Never is also very afraid of vehicles. If anyone has any sightings please let us know. You may contact my mother, Shirley, at 902-543-8446 or myself, Sherry at 902-529-0842.”
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LOST DOG: Never: Bulldog, 4 Month Old Puppy, Brindle with White - Bruhm Rd, Branch LaHave, NS

Lost Puppy named Never. Missing since Friday morning from Bruhm Road in Branch LaHave. A little over 4 months old. She is a Bulldog light tan, brown and black brindle in color with white face and paws.  She is very scared of cars and trucks but loves people. Please help us find Never and bring her home. Phone her owner Shirley  at 902-543-8446 or me her daughter Sherry at 902-543-0130 Thank you.

Also please check your yards and outbuildings and report any sightings immediately… she is a beloved family member who is dearly missed.  Thank you.