Happy Ending: Safe n' Sound: Oscar: Wheaten Terrier, male, blonde, curly fur – Charles St., HRM

LOST DOG: Oscar: Wheaten Terrier, male, beige curly fur - Charles St, HRM

Oscar was found over on Willow St. and is over at Homeward Bound City Pound. His owners are anxious to pick him up right at 8AM when the poúnd opens. I think he will want a good sleep in his own bed after his adventure!


We live on Charles St and have lost our dog Oscar.  He escaped through a hole in the fence at approx 7pm Mon April 18.  He is very friendly but not road smart.  He is a Wheaten Terrier with curly blond hair, looks like he could be a mix between a poodle and lab, weighs approx 42lbs.  If you see him please grab him and  we’ll come collect him in a flash .  He has a beautiful black nose but the only picture I have with me is when he had a red feather on his nose a Christmas time!  Hope you find him we miss him already.  thanks