HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Buddy, male, Husky/Lab Mix, 11 yrs old, Black with White, Blue eye – French Vale Area, Cape Breton

LOST DOG: Buddy, male Husky/Lab Mix, 11 yrs old, Blue Eye - French Vale Area, Cape Breton, NS

LOST DOG: Buddy, male Husky/Lab, blue eye - French Vale Area, Cape Breton

HAPPY ENDING!!  Buddy was kindly taken in by a neighbour and is now home with a very happy family!!

Hi my dog Buddy went missing april 5th at around 2pm in the French Vale Area of Cape Breton he is a big boy hes 11 years old part husky part lab hes black with white on him and he has one blue eye and one brown eye, he was wearing a blue collar that was made of a old belt cause we couldnt get a collar to fit around his big neck, he comes to the name buddy if anyone hears anything could they please contact me , thanks