HAPPY ENDING: Home Safe n' Sound: Sable: Lab Mix, Female, Fawn Colour, Pink Collar – Rafuse Rd, Waterville Area, NS

LOST DOG: Sable: Lab Mix, Female, Fawn Collar, Pink Collar - Waterville Area, NS

Happy Ending: Home safe n’ sound:

“Sable was found last night:) (April 18/11) shes in good shape just a little sore from all the running! thanks for your help getting the word out!”

Lost Dog Saturday afternoon .. her name is Sable, she is fawn in color and has a pink collar with all her tags and phone  numbers. She was lost while visiting in the Waterville area. Seen once on Rafuse Road and heading west at that time. She is very friendly and we would love to get her back…..   She has just recently been rescued from the SPCA and timid.