FOUND: Safe with Animal Control: Roaming Dog: Black Lab Mix, female – Lower Nine Mile River, NS

This dog has been caught, thank goodness, and is safe with Animal Control and will eventually be with the local SPCA.  Please spread the word. This dog looks like a Lab/Newf Mix (Newf-like head). She had a part of a chain hanging off her collar.

There have been many sightings in the last few days of a black dog (lab?) running around in Nine Mile River. It looks like it has a collar with possibly a piece of rope hanging off.  It has been apparently seen sleeping in a field and on several people’s properties. A few people have tried to approach it but cannot get close enough becuase the dog runs. It has been seen the most between the Old Enfield Rd and Renfrew Rd, Lwr Nine Mile River. Thanks!