RESOLVED: Sammy Jane: Black Lab, 9 yrs old, female – Blue Mountain, Kentville, NS

LOST DOG: Sammy Jane: Black Lab - Blue Mtn, Kentville, NS

We just got a great email from Sammy Jane’s owner! She is FOUND!!!

“Sammy Jane has been found!  12-35km (depending on what route she took) away on Lake ramsey rd in the forties!  She was curled up on a ladies doorstep yesterday morning, they called animal control (new ross -didn’t know they existed before now) and they took her in.  I called them this morning to report her missing and they informed me they had her!  She is VERY tired and thin but otherwise well.  We’re heading to the vets in the morning just to be sure.
Thanks for your help”


Our 9 yr old  black lab went after a rabbit on monday feb 28th at 11:30am near our home in Blue Mountain, NS  (Between kentville and new ross).  We have searched several hundred acres surrounding us but have not found her.  This is unlike her and she may be injured.  She has a very weak hind left hock and bad hips.  Her name is Sammy Jane and she is med sized wearing a black collar with red metal hearts.  She is weary of strangers.
Ps we are willing to pay someone with a trained search dog to track her.