RESOLVED:LOST DOG: Gus, 2 yrs old, male, Shepherd/Rottie mix – New Germany

LOST DOG: Gus, Shepher/Rottie mix, male, 2 yr old - New Germany

Here is Gus’s Story:
A neighbour called and said she had heard of a big brown and black dog found in Pinehurst about 10-12km from here. The radio had the announcement on. So we called the radio and asked for the phone number to go with the announcement. We called and it was Gus….. Gus had been with them since mid-morning Sunday. They had fed him and looked after him. They did not have the radio on att all yesterday, and had not heard our ad at all. We went and got him..through my tears and all. They would take no money for the food they bought or a reward. Just really nice people.

We are so thankful for all of the help and support we have had.
All the kind words and words of advice from you yesteday really helped us stay calm (to some extent) Our son is thrilled to bits..he had even taken a poster to school today. So we called the school and left a message at lunch when we had picked up Gus. Our son is 12 going on 13 soon.
We could never have our own children and we are foster parents. He was our first child placed in our home. He needed a forever home and we all loved each other and so we adopted him. Just over 2 years ago. He has been with us for just 5 years. This is his first real dog of his own. He loves animals and would love to be a vet when he grows up. He is so good with animals. He has given birthday money and allowance to SHAID over the years. He volunteers there every Saturday!!
I am not bragging, but we think he is pretty special!!
Sorry to be so long winded. That is my story.
Thank You for the help.
Take care
Carol, Stan & Brandon

Just got word – GUS is HOME! He is back with his buddy Radar!
We are missing our 22 month old Shepherd/Rottie mix since yesterday. His name is Gus.
He went off with our other dog Radar. Radar came back this morning but Gus did not. Gus will go to anyone,
but Radar will not. Osborne Road New Germany.

Please check your yards and outbuilding and report any sightings. Thank you.