FOUND ROAMING: Golden Retriever now at Animal Control

This dog has been sent to HRM Animal Control – Homeward Bound City Pound – www.citypound.ca

FOUND GOLDEN RETREIVER…..http://tinyurl.com/62do6gy
Antrim Rd. and Shortcut Rd. in Antrim
If u have lost this dog please call
20-Feb-11 Photo is only a breed photo, not actual dog.

We are in contact with the people who found this dog. Here is his story:
“My son picked him up where there was not a house in sight. The dog was actually sitting on the side of the road and when my son slowed down the dog immediately stood up and started to approach the car….so he let him in. The dog is extremely friendly and is over weight which makes me think it hasn’t been out on its own long, so hopefully we can find the owners.”