RESOLVED: Found Roaming: English Setter or similar, Hwy 102 near Bedford

FOUND ROAMING: English Setter, Hwy 102 near Bedford

RESOLVED: Found Roaming: English Setter on Hwy 102/Bedford… has been reunited with it’s family.  Yeah!  Big Thanks to the person who picked up this dog and saved it from a tragic end.

FOUND ROAMING: English Setter, or similar, was found roaming on Hwy 102 near Bedford:

Found on Hwy 102 near Bedford Monday Feb 28th @ approx 10am. Dog was unaccompanied and crossing highway traffic.  I picked him up to save him from being hit by a car.
Dog appears to be an English Setter and did not have any identification.
HRM Animal Control picked the dog up from me approximately 11:00am this morning.  If you believe this to be your dog, please contact HRM Animal Control @ 490-1791